Computer power user magazine

Computer power user magazine

Computer Power User (or CPU) is a monthly computing and technology magazine published by Sandhills Publishing Company in Lincoln. FREE Subscription to Computer Power User (CPU) Magazine. CPU has the latest computer #hardware, #technology coverage, and industry info you need for your next #PC build/upgrade. CPU is #mod central. Computer Power User‏ @CPUmag 25 Dec Computer power user magazine

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Of course the magazine would have to pay the contributors, which would give them reason to write the columns and not post them on their own sites. Consider figures like Bill O'Reilly and such. I too stumbled across the inaugural issue of this magazine, and liked what I saw. So who is going to Computer power user magazine 5. Is that how the magazine is? And I have to agree that holding a printed magazine is a nice change of pace from a CRT.

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Computer power user magazine -

The cat is out of the bag, all those authors have free sites. And I have to agree that holding a printed magazine is a nice change of pace from a CRT. Win-win, the magazine sells copy, the contributors make more money to aid in the support of their sites, or whatever else they want to spend the cash on.

A mix of relatively high-end articles, and newbie stuff. I received a new magazine in my stocking for Christmas and thought it might be worth mentioning to others.

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  1. I received a new magazine in my stocking for Christmas and thought it might be worth mentioning to others.

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