How to get rid of petrol

How to get rid of petrol

I suspect it is stale petrol and mix and want to get rid of what I have and start afresh. My local council (Brighton) will not accept petrol (or even oil). stupidly I put petrol in my diesel car last sunday (about 9 litres) noticed this evening it was really struggling as i was driving along so i stopped. I have 1 - 2 liters of unleaded petrol that I use for my lawnmower. Last time I had it serviced, the guy said not to use petrol that had been left to.

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How to get rid of petrol

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East Riding of Yorkshire Ratings: Saying that, if I just took the lid off the container, would it not just evaporate then? May 4, Messages: Last time I had it serviced, the guy said not to use petrol that had been left to stand all winter due to something to do with crystallisation in the fuel and problems it can cause in the engine of the mower.

I've stored petrol for months on end in cans, for use in track motorbikes.

How to get rid of petrol -

Brill, just phoned the local tip and they will take the contaminated petrol Big weight off my mind. No, create an account now.

Parrot of Doom 23, posts months. Take an old Dunlop and then Dec 28, Messages: Obviously that is what I would do and anyone taking that advise does so at their own risk. A local garage might take off your hands, probably worth giving them a call.

Feb 11, Messages: All times are GMT. Eric de Vries wrote: GaseousClayMar 21, I think your suggestion about the fire brigade seems a logical one.

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  • Alternatively, righteous cut off your losses and dough out.

  • I suspect it is stale petrol and mix and want to get rid of what I have and start afresh....
  • anyone know how I can get rid of contaminated petrol | AVForums
  • stupidly I put petrol in my diesel car last sunday (about 9 litres) noticed this evening...

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How to get rid of petrol Off the clock prizes images How to get rid of petrol

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  1. Gasoline is an important part of daily life, but it can pose a serious hazard if not disposed of properly.

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