Best companies to write for free stuff

Best companies to write for free stuff

Companies That Send Free Stuff When You Write Them A Compliment Letter. Coupon . Know the best time to buy! 37 Best Legit Websites to Get Free Stuff. I did some research and top on my lists were: 1. I started off with pleading for free stuff, then graduated to writing more fun copy, until the point. An ordinary guy sends letters to different companies asking for free stuff. I guess they're not afraid of dogs writing in and complaining to them. is always giving away free samples of coffee and/or juice, and it's always good stuff!.

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Best companies to write for free stuff -

I sent emails to several companies and got some pretty cool replies. I once forgot to bring my Carmex with me on business trip, and I was stuck buying an over-priced ChapStick in a hotel lobby. The majority of the companies I write to, I write to them via email. Thank you in advance, Tom Locke, pizza enthusiast. I recently started my own small business, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to provide me with free samples of office supplies that I may need to help me get started.

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  • If you're curious how to get free stuff from companies, the process is pretty simple and straightforward....
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  • Flattery Project: I thanked 42 companies, see what they sent me!
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: Best companies to write for free stuff

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  1. My goal as a writer is to spread as much knowledge as I can about saving money and getting freebies.

  2. But what the book did do was introduce me to the concept that big companies were willing to take the time to contact me!

  3. A customer's experience can tell a company a lot about a certain product's effectiveness or usability.

  4. Once you search for the duration of scoop in adding to strategies inasmuch as slots as serenely as on the web pokies youre presumably universal to be faced with so lots discrete sort of thoughts which last will and testament at times uninterrupted feel to nullify in unison another.

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The $39 Experiment: Asking Random Companies for Free Stuff

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How I Got Companies to Send Me Free Stuff

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