Boosterthon fun run prizes 2018 form

Boosterthon fun run prizes 2018 form

Boosterthon Fun Run | Proudly serving over elementary schools and million students in , the Boosterthon Fun Run is a hassle-free fundraiser . This is our first year doing a Fun Run, so I am not an expert, but we bought a nice trophy for the CLASS that raises the most money. The first 3 prizes are free to us, but the kids get excited over., they really take all of the guess work out of hosting a fun run. School Family Media, All Rights Reserved. Boosterthon is here and we've had a great program so far! If you haven't already, please log in to and register your student(s) using the school code: DES REGISTRATION CODE: that add up to $2 Pledge Per Lap ($60 flat) can earn a bonus prize! 5th Grade Locker Day
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  • With Boosterthon you can help students raise funds for their school! Parents...
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  • Boosterthon Fun Run!

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All parents, guardians, relatives and community members are welcome and encouraged to join. This post is about my experience with Boosterthon compared to the other fundraisers my family has participated in. I Hate School Fundraisers I hate school fundraisers with a passion. Boosterthon in no way asked for nor advocated for this review.

Prior to moving to the district, her children had participated in a Boosterthon fun run at their previous school Boosterthon fun run prizes 2018 form. This school year, a newer member of the PTA board suggested taking a different approach.

Boosterthon fun run prizes 2018 form

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  1. Watch this short video to learn more about the most profitable, fun, and hassle-free elementary school fundraiser.

  2. Thank you to everyone who pledged, volunteered, and helped our Boosterthon Glow Run in any way!

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Boosterthon Elementary School Fun Run Fundraisers

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Boosterthon Fun Run!

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