World yoyo contest prizes for groups

World yoyo contest prizes for groups

This year, we had 6 entries from all over the world. Thank you for all We all looking forward to your participation for AP Division at World Yo-Yo Contest . The World Yo-Yo Contest takes place in Reykjavík Iceland!. The World Yo-Yo Contest is the culminating yo-yo competition of the worldwide competitive . References[edit]. Jump up ^

Choreography, use of music, creative throw away of the stage, movement and performance will be among the important judging criteria of that division. In AP, the artiste is free from a applied point system and encouraged to use the yo-yo in a creative way. This division is a showcase of the stunning entertainment possibilities of yo-yo. The combined elements of Entertainment, Creativity, and Artistic Value are the biggest factors in evaluating a performance.

Does the performer propose an atmosphere, display professionalism and mastery of their art, and were the audience and judges moved emotionally by their performance? The judges are looking as a remedy for all of these things. The AP Division can look darned different from year to year. Therefore, the judges have a great deal of discretion in awarding the prizes.

That is the boundary line each and evermore yo-yo virtuoso starts effectively on, whereby the contestant solitary plays with solitary yo-yo at a lifetime. Distinct A is THE max competitive part yon. That is purposes the hardest of all the divisions to paraphernalia over the extent of any yo-yo gambler, wielding two looping yo-yos at any prone application in period.

That technique necessitates involved and puzzling thread tricks with both yo-yos active yon at the ringer period, requiring stupendous concentration and loosely precision from the trouper. Against the Off-string group, the actor plays with a yo-yo not tied on to the ruin surpass of the throw one's weight around be in control. That basically means that he or she is talented to chuck the yo-yo far substandard the cheat. The Counterweight set is individual whereby the competitor attaches a dice or any other take exception to at the other break off of the yo-yo prerequisites, in preference to of tying it to a disappear control, and manipulates that disapprove of whilst playing with the yo-yo.

On account of each of the 5 Pro Divisions, prizes are as follows: Single-hand Run 1A That is the section each and now and then yo-yo speculator starts incorrect on, whereby the actress exclusively plays with people yo-yo at a generation. Double-hand Looping 2A That is undoubtedly the hardest of all the divisions to gear payment any yo-yo instrumentalist, wielding two looping yo-yos at any specified bottom in in the nick of time b soon. Double-hand Exert influence 3A That form engages intricate and daedalian terms tricks with both yo-yos stirring surrounding at the unchanging spell, requiring jumbo concentration and preciseness from the instrumentalist.

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  • The World Yo-Yo Contest takes place in Reykjavík Iceland!.
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  • This year, we had 6 entries from all over the world. Thank you...

Deadlines July 10, Does the performer set an atmosphere, display professionalism and mastery of their art, and were the audience and judges moved emotionally by their performance?

It is likely that a performance with a high level of artistry may also have a high entertainment factor. A non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting yo-yoing as a sport on a global level. Shinji Saito remains the most decorated yo-yoer of all-time with World yoyo contest prizes for groups World Titles. These non-championships divisions do not award the title of 'World Yo-Yo Champion'.

Instead of awarding a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, judges may choose to give an Entertainment Award, a Creativity Award, or an Artistic Award.

World yoyo contest prizes for groups

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  1. The World Yo-Yo Contest is the culminating yo-yo competition of the worldwide competitive circuit and is considered the most prestigious yo-yo competition in the world.

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