Twiddler keyboard

Twiddler keyboard

The Twiddler is a one-handed keyboard device which works using chording to theoretically enable typing at up words per minute; and it. Expert chording text entry on the Twiddler one-handed keyboard. Abstract: Previously we demonstrated that after minutes of practice, ten novices averaged. Review Over the years a plethora of keyboard alternatives have crossed the El Reg Tek Gear Twiddler III remote handheld keyboard.

Twiddler keyboard -

Computer keyboard types Physical ergonomics. The company's website has an effective tutor program that uses illustrations of the target buttons to help mentally link button combos to QWERTY keyboard lettering. The hat keys and joystick are supposed to be operated by your thumb and your fingers are supposed to wrap around the bottom to activate the rest of the keys.

Pressing down on one of the dimples would cause either one, two or three of the hexagonal buttons to be depressed at the same time, forming a chord that would be unique to that symbol. Macro keys, and multiple modes are also easily implemented with a user space driver. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The mouse buttons marked selections and confirmed or aborted commands.

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Twiddler 3, World’s Most Mobile Keyboard and Mouse - Unboxing and First Impressions

Twiddler keyboard -

It makes the Twiddler both simple and sophisticated. Some steno software does slightly more complex expansion, but the vast majority of it is pure dictionary lookup.

The code is optimized for speed and low wear: This is a very important "provided" since a lot of keyboards nowadays are absolute garbage! I found it surprisingly usable in my test application, grouping keys by a fairly cursory analysis of what was likely to go together - minimizing changes of map seems desirable.

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Chorded Keyboard Prototype (Part 1)

It was also very helpful to have after shoulder surgery. It's small and light enough to carry Twiddler keyboard with you, and you can use it to type while standing or walking around. Braille comes closest, as it has been extended to eight bits. Procrastes on Nov 12, Your tiny keyboard-to-go The design behind the Twiddler3: It makes the Twiddler both simple and sophisticated.

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: Twiddler keyboard

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Twiddler keyboard

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  1. A keyset or chorded keyboard also called a chorded keyset, chord keyboard or chording keyboard is a computer input device that allows the user to enter characters or commands formed by pressing several keys together, like playing a " chord " on a piano.

  2. The Twiddler is a one-handed keyboard device which works using chording to theoretically enable typing at up words per minute; and it has a mouse pointer.

  3. The Twiddler3 is a combination keyboard and mouse held in just one hand and relying on chorded movements similar to holding and playing a guitar.

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The Twiddler Device

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