Floodgate 2 war commander prizes for mega

Floodgate 2 war commander prizes for mega

You might also like: New Prize - Widowmaker Prime This will be nerfed in less than 2 to 3 weeks so dont get excited. Operation FloodGate 2 - Event Prizes. Strategy 2: Buy the prizes which are upgrading in different buildings. So you can Elite Mega Tank: To attack against player bases. 5. Operation: Floodgate is the 24th Special Event to be presented in War Commander. In most cases Prize, Complete Wave, Unlocking Requirements, Classification. Optimized Assault Barrel .. Wave 43 - Defense Wave with a Viper , Missiles & regular Mega Tanks. Wave 47 . Floodgate • Operation: Floodgate 2 •

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Floodgate 2 war commander prizes for mega

Operation: Floodgate

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Attack vs Defense Breakdown. Click Expand to View Additional Quotes. War Commander, Cant Log In. There are many easy methods to beat Titan in the wave 33 and 36 and up. Also keep an eye out for the new Warhawk Schematic, as well as a chance at something special if you can outlast the enemy through Wave Fill Watch Towers with Stingers.

Beat enough waves and the Widowmaker Prime could be Floodgate 2 war commander prizes for mega.

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: Floodgate 2 war commander prizes for mega

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