Birth certificate stock exchange debunk

Birth certificate stock exchange debunk

Then follow the directions below to look up your self "slave value" on the stock exchange. To check your birth certificate on the stock exchange. Your Birth Certificate is a security traded on the Stock Exchange article was long gone when the Feds came in to debunk and investigate. Of course my birth certificate isn't a bond. It's a birth And somehow, our birth certificates are floated on the markets as "average value bonds". Birth certificate stock exchange debunk

I heard on one program that our individual "worth" on the stock market is roughly 6. Here is supposedly http: Look on the bottom of your birth certificate for numbers that look like this: Then follow the directions below to look up your self "slave value" on the stock exchange.

To check your birth certificate on the stock exchange: Click on 'Symbol Look Up'. Type in your Birth Number on the Birth Certificate with the dashes e. This will give you all of the trading information about who is trading on the fund that the birth certificate is a part of. This document was created when you were an infant. Commercial laws allow for you to cancel and rescind this simple contract—UCC—and to make a Claim in recoupment Reparations for fraud committed upon you when you were an infant.

Haven't done this, not sure where my B. Alternately this might be a poor idea, as other people can see your search results.

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  • Sadly my birth certificate is put away at the moment and...
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Maritime Law and 2. Here's the longer answer, if you want the detail: The issuer then pays you interest on that loan, and returns the principal at maturity. Totally random Birth certificate stock exchange debunk rusty scissor but quoting what you said above on what they claim "Even if you print off legislation and read it to them, they will swear Birth certificate stock exchange debunk and blue that it's not lawful because the government is listed on the stock exchange and therefore is a company that they dont need to obey.

It's not the case at all. It is very sad when people believe these things. Type in your Birth Number on the Birth Certificate with the dashes e.

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I Searched My Birth Certificate Bond through Fidelity

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